Earthquake Alert: Earth can crack at any time in these states of India, big research of IIT Kanpur: 

The tremors of the earthquake that struck Nepal on Tuesday-Wednesday night were also felt in India. The effect of the earthquake was seen in the entire North India including Delhi-NCR. A big disclosure has been made in the research of IIT Kanpur regarding the tremors of the earthquake.

According to this, a catastrophic earthquake can occur at any time in the Himalayan states of India. This earthquake may be similar to the earthquakes of 1505 and 1803.  Let us know what has been learned in the research of IIT. Which are the two states where earthquakes can be epicenters? What caused the earthquake in Nepal? Let’s know…

First, know what is the reason for the earthquake in Nepal. To understand this, we consulted IIT Kanpur Senior Professor of the Civil Engineering Department and expert in Geoscience Engineering, Prof. Spoke to Javed N Malik. He said, ‘In 2015 also, there were tremors of 7.8 to 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Nepal. Then more than eight thousand people died, while more than 20 thousand people were injured. At that time the epicenter of the earthquake was eastern Nepal.

That is why it did not affect India. However, the tectonic plate in the Himalayan range has become unstable. Because of this, such earthquakes will continue to occur for a long time. This is also a big reason for the earthquake this time. What came out in the research of IIT-K?Pro. Javed Malik told that he and his team have been studying earthquakes for a long time. In this, a kind of worrying situation is being created for India.

If people are thinking that big earthquakes will not happen in India like in Nepal then they are wrong. Pro. According to Malik, ‘This time the epicenter of the earthquake in Nepal is western Nepal, which is very adjacent to India. This is the reason that this time the effect of Nepal’s earthquake was seen till Delhi-NCR. Pro. Malik told in three points what things have come out in his study.

1. There is a possibility of a major earthquake in the Himalayan range of India: A major earthquake can occur in the Himalayan range i.e. Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Its intensity can remain between 7.8 to 8.5. This is a big danger. We cannot turn our backs on this.

2. India has entered the time of earthquake: Now the question arises that how long such an earthquake can happen in India. Responding to this, Prof. Malik said, “We (India) have already entered the earthquake cycle zone. Meaning we have entered the timeline when tremors of horrific earthquakes can occur in Uttarakhand and Himachal at any time. The Himalayas are also pointing in this direction. The Himalayas are sitting completely still. This is the calm before the storm.

3. The impact of the Uttarakhand-Himalaya earthquake will be visible in the whole of North India: Prof. Malik says, whenever there will be earthquake tremors in Uttarakhand or Himachal, then its effect will be seen in the whole of North India. Then why not a flat place? There will also be serious repercussions. In Uttarakhand, especially the areas of Garhwal and Kumaun are in more red zones. These areas can be the epicenter of earthquakes.

The terrible earthquake hit Uttarakhand twice

Pro. Malik also told about the tremors of the old earthquake. He said, in 1505 and 1803, there have been intense earthquakes in Uttarakhand. The earthquake of 1505 is also mentioned in Akbarnama and Baburnama. There was a lot of damage during that time. Similarly, in 1803 there was a strong earthquake. The effect of this was seen till Delhi NCR, Mathura. During that to a lot of loss had to be suffered.




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