China Covid-19 Restrictions: Famine of medicines in China, long queues at shops;

Beijing: China has announced the easing of restrictions three years after the start of the Corona epidemic. Medical supplies have come to a standstill all over China. Long queues of people are being seen at the medicine shops. These shops are also unable to meet the needs of the people. In such a situation, a new wave of anger is seen among the people. The situation is so bad that people must wander from door to door for medicines and other medical equipment.

Where the goods are available, the prices are many times more than normal. To remove this shortcoming, it has been announced to soften the Covid restrictions. However, the government is also worried that this relaxation may lead to the re-spread of Covid infection in the country. On Friday, 13,585 new cases of the corona were found in China.

Most relief to people in Beijing

The Communist Party has said there is little need for Covid testing in Beijing. The local administration has allowed home quarantine for people with mild or no symptoms. People are now moving from one place to another more easily than before. In such a situation, the government’s focus is now on removing the shortage of medicines and strengthening the health system.

China claims that soon the problem in the supply line will be resolved. This will reduce people’s problems and increase the availability of medicines. People have also welcomed this decision of the government.

Truck drivers were facing the most trouble.

Since the beginning of this year, China has put the entire country under lockdown. Truck drivers supplying goods in the country used to face a lot of trouble due to this. Their Kovid test was done by making checkpoints at various places. When found positive, they were forcibly locked in the Quarantine Center. Apart from this, a health code was also issued to the drivers. Without this, they could not take their trucks across the barrier. These troubles threw the Chinese supply line into chaos.

China told why the ban was lifted:

Officials said the removal of those restrictions is aimed at ensuring a smooth supply of items, especially medicines and antigen kits. China’s Ministry of Transport said in a notice that no effort should be spared to ensure the smooth delivery of medical supplies. Long queues formed at pharmacies in several Chinese cities with people wanting to buy cough syrup, flu medicine, and masks. Starting this week, China’s market regulator warned against price hikes in anti-Covid products.

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