You can win Pakistan, not Kashmir… When Pakistani journalist scolded dictator Musharraf:

Islamabad: There have been many wars between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. Pakistan suffered a crushing defeat in every war. Despite this, the politicians and military officers of Pakistan do not desist from boasting. One such incident happened with the former military dictator of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf. Then Musharraf claimed to occupy Kashmir in a few days in front of Pakistani journalists. He had said that if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif approved, he could capture Kashmir. On this statement, Mohammad Ziauddin, a senior journalist from Pakistan present in the meeting, heard a lot of criticism. Pervez Musharraf was so enraged by his answer that he never spoke to Ziauddin again.

Ziauddin used to ask sharp questions to the leaders

Pakistan’s senior journalist Hamid Mir says that Mohammad Ziauddin was a journalist who always used to ask sharp questions to the government. He once asked Benazir Bhutto such a sharp question that she got angry. A similar incident happened with Nawaz Sharif as well. Then Nawaz Sharif did not express his anger, but his face turned red.

Mentioned meeting with Pervez Musharraf

Referring to an incident in January 1999, Hamid Mir said that it was the month of Ramzan. Then Nawaz Sharif was the Prime Minister, and General Pervez Musharraf was the Army Chief. At that time, the Army Chief had invited some journalists to Ifta. It was also attended by Hamid Mir, editor of an Urdu newspaper, and Mohammad Ziauddin, editor of an English newspaper. Pervez Musharraf had already called General Aziz. He had put a map on the wall. General Aziz and General Pervez Musharraf started giving briefings.

Musharraf had claimed to win Kashmir in three days.

During this briefing, General Musharraf said that if we block the such and such road, we will capture the such and such hill, and if we do so, we will capture that hill. In such a situation, we can get Kashmir liberated in three days. Hamid Mir said he was very impressed by this briefing and asked whether he would get Kashmir liberated in three days. To this, Musharraf replied that only Nawaz Sharif should permit us. We have to capture three to four peaks. Five-six roads have to be blocked, and Kashmir Azad.

 Hamid Mir disclosed the meeting

Seeing Hamid Mir’s uneasiness, Musharraf asked what do you think. On this, Hamid Mir said that it was okay. Ziauddin again hit Hamid Mir on the leg and asked him to keep quiet. Hamid Mir said that this is a tremendous thing. Ziauddin was sitting at the table next to him. He stomped on the feet of Hamid Mir and said keep quiet. Hamid Mir became silent on this. The briefing was about the Kargil plan, but Musharraf did not mention that we had already done so.

Ziauddin got angry when Pervez Musharraf’s statements did not stop. He told Musharraf that you could conquer the nation of Pakistan, but he could not conquer Kashmir. Pervez Musharraf got angry and started trying to suppress Ziauddin in a loud voice. On this, Ziauddin exposed the claims of Pervez Musharraf. Ziauddin’s facts were so strong that he could not answer Musharraf. After this, Musharraf became very angry and never again gave any interview with Ziauddin.



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