Women started opening the flight gate at 37 thousand feet.

In America, a woman tried to open the flight door at an altitude of 37 thousand feet. After his action, the emergency landing of the flight was done. After this, the police arrested the woman.

People were shocked to know why the woman tried to open the door of the flight. The woman said that she was told by Jesus to do so. This incident is being told on 26 November. Recently, the police gave complete details of the incident in the US District Court. After which, this news came out.

The woman was angry

The police told the court that Agbegninau suddenly got up from her seat and started walking towards the exit door of the flight. Seeing this, an attendant asked him to sit back in his seat. Afterward, the woman asked him for permission to peep out of the window on the exit door. The attendant refused to do so, which enraged the woman. She forcefully grabbed the handle of the door and started pulling it. During this, the flight was flying at an altitude of 37 thousand feet.

She did not stop, after which the man clamped the woman’s fingers between his teeth. During this, the woman was also hitting her head on the floor.

The woman had no luggage.

Police said- the woman had left the house without informing her husband. He had no luggage on the flight. During interrogation, the woman said she was having trouble breathing, so she got up. He was getting restless and nervous, so he said that he was told by Jesus to open the door. The woman also said that if she were normal, she would not have done such a thing.




















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