What Oil Do Pornstars Use?

If you’ve ever watched a pornstar escort perform, you’ve probably wondered: What kind of lube do pornstars use? The answer isn’t as simple as you might think, and it might not be the Vaseline you’re thinking of. Most porn stars use something much thicker and silicone-based. Two popular options are Gun Oil Silicone and Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant. But be warned: These two products don’t exactly make for good sexual lubricants, and they will destroy latex condoms.

Male pornstars often use supplemental sex aids to get and maintain erections. While some men are born with natural sexual prowess, most male actors in the adult industry must rely on artificial means to maintain their erections.

To perform in the sex industry, pornstar escorts need powerful erections and huge cum shots, as well as sexual stamina to sustain multiple sex sessions. Semenax can help these male porn stars with both of these needs. It works by increasing erections and sperm count. These natural supplements can also help a male porn star maintain an erection for hours or even days.

Although a male escort pornstar can maintain erections for hours, many can’t. To help them stay erect, porn stars take pills, herbal male erection boosters, or other methods. Some even undergo surgery or penis implants.


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