Sikh girl shot dead in Canada: The second incident in 15 days;

A 21-year-old Canadian-Sikh girl was shot dead on December 5 in the Canadian province of Ontario. Police are considering it a case of target killing. Police said- The girl who died was Pawanpreet Kaur, a resident of Brampton. She was filling petrol in her car in the city of Mississauga when an unknown assailant shot her.

 This is the second incident happening in the last 15 days. Earlier on November 25, an 18-year-old boy was murdered in Colombia itself. A boy in the school parking lot stabbed Mehakpreet Sethi. There was a fight between the two over some issues.

The search for the attacker continues.

Police officer Tim Nagtegal said- After questioning the people, it had come to know that the attacker was wearing black clothes. We don’t know if the suspect’s assailant was a boy or a girl because he fled quickly. People just saw him running away. In such a situation, it is difficult to tell the gender of the attacker. We are probing the matter. The suspect is being searched.

people tried to save the girl

Police officer Nagtegal said- Some people were at the spot at the time of the attack. Eyewitness Carmela Sandoval told us that the first gunshot was heard. He said- As soon as we heard the voice, we saw a girl lying on the ground. I reached the girl with some people. We tried to save her. An ambulance was called, but he lost his life due to bleeding.

Mehakpreet was killed by the 17-year-old accused.

Mehakpreet died on November 25 in the parking lot of Tamnavis Secondary School in Surrey, Ontario. A 17-year-old boy had stabbed him to death. According to the school’s principal, the accused boy was not a student. After the attack, Mehakpreet was taken to the hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

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