How Many Legal Brothels Are in Nevada?


You’ve probably wondered how many legal brothels are in Nevada. Currently, there are approximately 20 licensed brothels in the state, and they are located in various parts of the state. These include Mona’s Ranch, Salt Wells Villa, and Nye County Chicken Ranch. The number of brothels in Nevada has fluctuated over the years, but they’re all still considered legal, according to state law.

Nye County Chicken Ranch

In Nevada, the question of how many legal brothels exists is a controversial one. Several counties have tried to ban the practice, but they were unsuccessful. Some are considering county-wide votes. In the meantime, Nevada has a relatively low number of brothels, and it has no plans to increase that number anytime soon.

Until recently, Nevada brothels were the only places where men and women could buy sex legally. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, these brothels closed in March 2020. Since then, other close-contact businesses have sprung up in the state. But as of May 1, Nevada brothels will be allowed to reopen.

Moonlite BunnyRanch is the state’s oldest brothel. It was opened in 1955. Previously, it operated in secret until 1971, when the state passed laws that required the licensing of brothels. This Nevada brothel had a pool table, a fireplace, and a dancing stage. But it was not without controversy. Its owners were accused of hiring underage prostitutes and a local sheriff’s wife was even arrested for arson.

Salt Wells Villa

One of the legal brothels in Nevada is located in Salt Wells, NV. In 1975, Salt Wells Villa opened for business and closed in 2004. The brothel has been fenced off and is not safe for trespassers. There is a large amount of charred debris on the property.

Salt Wells Villa is one of two legal brothels in Churchill County. It is about 15 miles east of Fallon on Highway 50. The business employed three or four older women as managers. It’s unclear how many working girls would be involved in each brothel. The county’s ordinance also requires prostitutes to pay taxes and undergo weekly medical exams.

The Salt Wells Ranch brothel was dubbed the best brothel in Nevada two years ago by GQ magazine. Ruth Card, a 59-year-old manager, has never been a prostitute herself. Ricki, the only hooker who stays on duty until nightfall, hasn’t had a customer in hours.

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