Boris Johnson: Even today that picture in my mind when love like Sachin Tendulkar was found in Gujarat:

Boris Johnson said that today India and Britain need each other very much. Both should come and work together. The picture is still imprinted in the mind of former UK PM Boris Johnson when he came to Gujarat last year and the people there gave him such love and respect as Sachin Tendulkar gets in India.

At the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit on Saturday (November 12, 2022), the former Prime Minister told that he still has pictures of that tour. He said that it was really a happy moment when the people of India respected him like a hero on the road. Johnson said that today India and Britain need each other very much. Both should work together. He said that the free trade agreement should be worked out soon. For this, we cannot wait till Diwali. Johnson said, “None of the missions I have led have been as successful as the one in April this year when I arrived in Gujarat and was greeted like Sachin Tendulkar.

There were pictures of me everywhere and thousands of people were dancing in the streets.” During this, he discussed the future of India-UK partnership with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to India. Johnson said they had a “great conversation” and that it had yielded results. He said that most of the foreigners working in Britain are from India. At the same time, there are 1,08,000 Indian students studying in the UK. The former British Prime Minister pointed out that even without a free trade agreement, the two countries have seen a 28 percent increase in bilateral trade.

He said the finalization of a free trade agreement to strengthen economic ties and boost trade between the two countries has not taken off after his mysterious exit from office. He also said that he cannot wait for the next Diwali to complete it. I wonder why it is still pending some time ago, Indian-origin Rishi Sunak took over as the Prime Minister of Britain. On this, Johnson, referring to his tenure, said that the government which he led with pride, had the highest number of Indian-origin ministers. Its biggest achievement has been that those who took my place are also of Indian origin.


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